What Is XQ-58A Valkyrie Military Drone ?

//What Is XQ-58A Valkyrie Military Drone ?

What Is XQ-58A Valkyrie Military Drone ?

The XQ-58A Valkyrie jet drone is one product of the joint research and development of the American Credos UAV System Company and the US Air Force Research Laboratory.

Its aerodynamic layout adopts swept-wing+ machine back air intake + V-shaped double vertical tail. The power unit is a turbofan engine with a maximum range of 3,900 kilometers and a ceiling of approximately 13,700 meters.

XQ-58A valkyrie military drone

The XQ-58A Valkyrie drone was successfully launched on March 5, 2019 at the Army Hum Experimental Center in Arizona, USA.

In addition to its autonomy, the XQ-58A Valkyrie military drone can also perform tasks with a stealth fighter and a similar unmanned crew network. It is also a loyalty opportunity.

XQ-58A Valkyrie drone

The mission of the XQ-58A Valkyrie is diversified. It can perform limited air superiority competition, ballistic missile ascending segment interception, electronic warfare, and suicide attacks.

Valkyrie military uav

The XQ-58A Valkyrie drone weapon mount is divided into two ways. The fuselage is mounted on multiple magazines or wings and weighs about 250 kg.

During the conference, the XQ-58A Valkyrie drone was launched by the magazine to launch an animation of air-to-air missiles. Although the XQ-58A “Valkyrie” has extraordinary ability, but it’s cheap for the buyers.

valkyrie military drone

Valkyrie drone is also used to attract the target of the opponent’s firepower, if not shot down, it can be recycled and reused. The price is planned as follows: If the annual produce is less than 100 units, each unit costs about 3 million US dollars, if it is more than 100 units per year, each costs 2 million US dollars.

Even with $3 million, the price is much cheaper than the US military’s previous drones and manned fighters. Therefore, the US Air Force will probably be equipped with a large number of XQ-58A Valkyrie drone.

valkyrie fixed wing military uav

Moreover, the United States has already established the stealth fighter ecosystem through the export of the F-35 series, so the export prospect of “Valkyrie” is also very optimistic.

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