What Is The Advantage Of Drone For Power Line Inspection

//What Is The Advantage Of Drone For Power Line Inspection

What Is The Advantage Of Drone For Power Line Inspection

1. Drones for power line inspections have the function of rainproof. It can fly in heavy rain and medium snow weather and is not affected by bad weather.

It can inspect the power line at any time, which is conducive to increase the special patrol intensity of key sections and increase the number of equipment inspections under heavy load operations.

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2. The power line inspection drone is flexible. It is compact and reliable, with compact structure and excellent performance. It is not restricted by geographical conditions and environmental conditions.

It is especially suitable for performing tasks in complex environments. It can regularly check the trees and illegal buildings in the line channel. Clean up and ensure the safety of the transmission channel.

3. The drone for power line inspection can fly automatically. Power transmission equipment is faced with natural disasters. The drone system has fully automatic one-button take-off and landing and fool-type autonomous flight functions.

The drones can hover or fly to a fixed point for a long time, and fly through a large range. Quick inspections can be used to grasp the location of accidents for the first time.

4. Feedback in time. Drones for power line inspections carry HD cameras or infrared cameras, through aerial photography and mapping to grasp the data of ground damage.

People in the ground station control command center can get real-time return data and immediately notify the relevant units to carry out repair and maintenance matters.

5. Improve the efficiency of the emergency team in dealing with emergency events. Quickly and accurately perform damage assessment for the affected areas, and gain valuable time for electric towers and wire repairs.

6. Unmanned aerial vehicle cruising reduces the overall inspection cost of the power sector. UAV cruises find major critical defects during the shooting process, providing timely information to the operating unit, avoiding power line accidents and power outages, and recovering high power outage costs.

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