Use Drones To Control Smog

//Use Drones To Control Smog

Use Drones To Control Smog

More and more sources of pollution have been investigated, but there are also some polluting enterprises work in the dark in Xi’an. The law enforcement agencies have to take uninterrupted inspections and observance during the day and night to find sources of pollution.

In October, during the night inspection, law enforcement officers found that there were always freshly painted vehicles in the streets of Guanshan Town from the intersections, but they had not been able to find painting locations for a long time.

parrot mini drone

parrot mini drone

For these companies operating in hidden locations at night, they enabled drone inspections for high-altitude shooting and forensics.

In the evening, the inspect drone found a garage in the factory that was closed and overgrown in Guanshan Village, Guanshan Town, where it was hiding and painting in the open air.

The law enforcement officers immediately contacted the Street Office and the District Iron Handling Office to jointly investigate and deal with the illegal operation of the auto repair factory, requiring them to rectify within a time limit, construct a closed spray booth, and install an organic waste gas treatment facility.

They have come back several times this month, and they have also used drone inspections. The factory has been closed down and there have been no violations of open-air painting. At present, the company is undergoing rectification, and a closed spray booth has been built, and organic waste gas treatment facilities are being installed.

Since the launch of the UAV for polluting sources at the end of October, four auto repair companies that have been hiding in the open-air paintings in hidden places have been found to shut down for rectification.

At present, three closed spray booths have been installed, and organic waste gas treatment facilities have been installed, and they have passed the acceptance test and have been operating normally. This home in Guanshan Village is also undergoing rectification, and it will not be able to continue business until it is accepted.

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