Two Choices For Delivery Drone

//Two Choices For Delivery Drone

Two Choices For Delivery Drone

The development of e-commerce has driven the development of the express delivery industry. Due to the rising cost of manpower distribution, both e-commerce companies and logistics companies are considering the use of robots instead of manpower delivery. Drones are one of the best choices.

delivery drone

Based on market feedback and customer needs, WELKINUAV has designed and produced two multi-rotor drones for delivery, one is electric power WELKIN- P2, the other is gas-electric hybrid WELKIN-P4, both drones have 5kg payload capacity to meet the needs of delivery.

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WELKIN-P2 can fly 70 minutes with 5kg full payload, WELKIN-P4 can fly 90 minutes with 5kg full payload, both drones can meet the distribution needs of 15km radius. The improved P2 and P4 consume much less power and fuel than other similar drones.

We offer two solutions for drone delivery. In areas with sufficient electric power, WELKIN-P2 can be used for delivery, and WELKIN-P4 can be used for delivery in areas with enough gasoline.

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