The Use Of Carbon Fiber Material For Three Kind Of Drones

//The Use Of Carbon Fiber Material For Three Kind Of Drones

The Use Of Carbon Fiber Material For Three Kind Of Drones

Drones need to be more lighter according to its function, after the lightweight metal materials such as aluminum alloys and titanium alloys, carbon fiber composite materials have become most popular materials for drones’ body.

Carbon Fiber Police Drone

The new police drone often use carbon fiber casing, which has the advantages of rapid take-off and landing, flexible use, low risk of casualties and low cost.

police uav

It can collect data on site and quickly transmit it to the command center to track the development of the event for the conductor to make the decision.

What are the advantages of using a carbon fiber composite casing for the police use drone?

First of all, the police use drone need to take off quickly for the task, the carbon fiber casing can effectively reduce the weight of the drone.

Secondly, the police using drone must adapt to special terrain, disaster weather and other special environments, such as very suitable for gas leakage and other harmful to human body. In the environment, the carbon fiber material has small creep and strong corrosion resistance, which helps to prolong the service life of the drone body.

Carbon Fiber Agricultural Spraying  Drone

The carbon fiber pesticide spraying drone can ensure better uniformity of spray of the liquid during spraying, and the spray penetration is higher than that of the locomotive.

agriculture quadcopter drone

For example, the defoliant spray is applied to the cotton by the carbon fiber unmanned aircraft. The average rate of defoliation can reach more than 90%, and the plant protection drone will not damage the cotton vegetation like a locomotive.

The carbon fiber body can help the unmanned spraying aircraft achieve large capacity and longer endurance with extremely light weight, and improve its planting efficiency.

Carbon Fiber Mapping Drone

For the surveying and mapping uav, carbon fiber composite materials are also very important.

mapping drone

If it is difficult for the vehicle to pass by, the mapping worker need to walk with the drone. So, the weight of the drone need to be as light as possible.

Moreover, the UAVs for mapping always cost a lot, and the payload used for three-dimensional mapping and other tasks is expensive. If the body is damaged, it will lose a lot. Therefore, the reliability of the drone is especially important.

The extremely lightweight carbon fiber composite body can carry more payloads and achieve longer endurance under the same weight.

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