Some Tips About UAV Mapping

//Some Tips About UAV Mapping

Some Tips About UAV Mapping

UAV Mapping is a powerful complement to traditional aerial photogrammetry. It is flexible, efficient, fast, precise and accurate, low operating cost, wide application range and short production cycle. It is fast in high resolution images in small areas and difficult areas.

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uav mapping

uav mapping

The acquisition aspect has obvious advantages. With the development of drones and digital camera technology, digital aerial photography technology based on drone platform has shown its unique advantages. UAV combined with aerial photogrammetry makes “UAV” Digital low-altitude remote sensing has become a new development direction in the field of aviation remote sensing.

UAV aerial photography can be widely used in national major project construction, disaster emergency and treatment, land monitoring, resource development, new rural areas and small town construction, especially in the foundation. Surveying and mapping, land resource survey and monitoring, land use dynamic monitoring, digital city construction and access to emergency disaster mapping data have broad prospects.

uav aerial photography

uav aerial photography

UAV aerial survey features:

(1) Rapid aerial survey response capability

UAV aerial surveys usually fly at low altitudes, airspace applications are convenient, and are less affected by climatic conditions. The requirements for landing and landing sites are less restrictive, and the landing and landing can be achieved through a relatively flat road surface.

The flight safety of the pilots is not taken into consideration when obtaining aerial imagery, and the geospatial and meteorological conditions for obtaining data are lower, which can solve the manual. Detect unreachable regional monitoring functions.

The preparation time for lifting off is 15 minutes, the operation is simple, and the transportation is convenient. The on-board system can quickly reach the station near the work area, and can obtain aerial survey results of tens to 200 square kilometers per day according to the mission requirements.

(2) Outstanding timeliness and cost performance

Traditional high-resolution satellite remote sensing data generally faces two problems. The first is that the archived data has poor timeliness. The second is that the programmed image can get the latest image, but the time is generally longer and the timeliness is relatively low.

The drone aerial photography can solve this problem well. The working group can start at any time and shoot at any time. Compared with satellite and man-machine mapping, it can be completed quickly in a short time, providing users with the required results in time, and the price has A considerable advantage.

Compared with manual mapping, the efficiency of drones of at least tens of square kilometers per day will become the development trend of small-scale surveying and mapping in the future.

(3) The monitoring area is limited

The plateau area is affected by snow and cloud layers all the year round, which leads to certain restrictions on the collection of satellite remote sensing data. Conventional large aircraft flight countries have regulations and restrictions. If the altitude is greater than 5000m, the inevitable existence of cloud layers will hinder the quality of the map.

There is also a certain danger, and there is also a problem of border defense in the border areas. Unmanned small planes have solved these problems very well. Without the limitation of altitude, the image quality and accuracy are much higher than that of large aircraft aerial photography.

uav aerial photography

UAV industry application:

  1. Land and Resources Bureau, Surveying and Mapping Bureau, Planning Bureau, Construction Bureau, Design Institute, universities and research institutes
  2. Scenery films, TV series, commercials, feature films
  3. Enterprises and institutions, tourist attractions, real estate, golf courses, development zones
  4. City publicity, exhibition publicity
  5. Large outdoor activities, foundations, celebrations, evening parties
  6. Electricity, water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, monitoring
  7. Digital city, electronic map, GIS application, real-life three-dimensional
  8. Troops, public security, national security, anti-terrorism
  9. Fire, armed police, traffic control, urban construction
  10. Earthquake disaster assessment

uav mapping

Business process of drone aerial photography service:

  1. Area determination (customer needs to provide 84 coordinates of the rectangular corner of the aerial area)
  2. Site survey (flying airspace, landing site, air traffic control)
  3. Route planning (flight route, work height, flight schedule)
  4. Task load setting (digital image, film, video, monitoring)
  5. Sign the contract (prepayment, operation agreement, acceptance criteria)
  6. Perform flight (aircraft transportation, flight operations, safety guarantee)
  7. Confirm the effect (number of pieces, aerial range, image quality)
  8. post-production (correction, puzzle, registration, editing, output)
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