Serbian Will Buy 9 Pterosaur-1 Military Drones From China

//Serbian Will Buy 9 Pterosaur-1 Military Drones From China

Serbian Will Buy 9 Pterosaur-1 Military Drones From China

After the Chinese military delegation finished its visit, the Serbian Ministry of Defense announced that China had agreed to sell armed drones to the them. This is the first time that China has sold military drones to European countries.

Serbian Defense Minister Alexander Wulin said in a statement issued on the 10th that China’s consent to the sale of armed drones to Serbia is expected to be delivered in the coming months, which will “greatly strengthen the Serbian army and enable it to acquire capabilities that it did not have in the past. “.

pterosaur-1 military uav

According to reports, Serbia has agreed to purchase nine “Pterosaur-1” UAVs developed by AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute, and may purchase 15 more in the future.

According to public information, the “Pterosaur” series is one nice UAV product with independent intellectual property rights in China. The “Pterosaur-1” drone that first flew in October 2007 belongs to the first generation of UAV products.

pterosaur-2 military uav

Participated in the parade of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War on September 3, 2015.

The “Pterosaur” series of drones have been delivered in bulk since 2010 and have been exported to the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

pterosaur-1d military uas

At the end of last year, AVIC announced that the 100th “Pterosaur” series of drones passed all acceptances in Chengdu and will soon be delivered to overseas users, setting a new record for China’s drone exports.

The Associated Press said that Serbia praised China’s drones and other equipment to enhance the country’s military power.

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