Russia Will Build Hunter Drones Group

//Russia Will Build Hunter Drones Group

Russia Will Build Hunter Drones Group

According to reports, Russia will build hunter stealth unmanned combat aircraft units, maybe replace some human fighter aircraft. The Units will be Composed of Russian hunter drones, it is Russia’s most advanced stealth unmanned combat aircraft.

Russian hunter drone, codenamed S-70, is manufactured at the Novosibirsk aircraft manufacturing factory. The hunter drone adopts a flying wing layout and has very good stealth performance.

russia hunter drone

According to public information from the Russian side, the Hunter has a wingspan of 19 meters and a length of 14 meters, equipped with an AL-31F engine.

During the test flight, the hunter drone did not stealth the engine’s tail spout. However, when Russia showed the model of the hunter drone, it had done a perfect treatment of its tail. The future hunter stealth drone would be a complete stealth drone.

The Hunter Stealth UAV uses a flying wing layout similar to the US B-2 Stealth Bomber and the X-47B Unmanned Aircraft, and it also features a machine-back air intake that is highly advanced throughout the design.

russia hunter military drone

According to public information, the main parameters of the hunter stealth unmanned combat aircraft are: full weight of 20 tons, maximum range of 3,500 kilometers, maximum flat speed of 920 kilometers per hour, maximum ceiling of 10,500 meters.

The Russian media also revealed that the hunter drone can reach 8 tons of bombs, which is equivalent to the Russian Su 34 fighter-bomber, which is the largest bomber in the world.

Judging from the pictures displayed on the network, the hunter drone’s wingspan exceeds that of the Su 57 fighter, and it is even larger than the Su 57 fighter.

hunter combat drone

It can be speculated that the hunter drone’s body is relatively large, and the built-in magazine will not be smaller than the Su 57 fighter. Since the Su 57 has designed a built-in magazine, it will save a lot of money if the built-in magazine of the Hunter UAV is designed with the Su 57.

In this way, the size of the built-in magazine of the Hunter UAV may be similar to that of the Su 57. It can also launch the airborne precision guided weapon customized for the Su 57 fighter, including the KH-59MK2 long-range ground-attack missile, KH-58USHK Radiation missiles, thunder series glide bombs.

KH-38M universal short-range ground attack missiles, and KAB-250, KAB-500M precision-guided bombs, etc., can not only choose a wide variety, but also a very large amount of bombs. The hunter stealth drone with a built-in magazine can carry at least four types of missiles.

Judging from the process of the first test flight of the Russian hunter stealth drone, this drone has the ability to take off and land independently.

big military drone

Since the Soviet Union 57 fighters were photographed on the tail, there are two graffiti on the tail of the suspected stealth drone. Therefore, even if the hunter stealth drones are engaged in team operations, they should be cyber warfare under the guidance of the Su 57 fighter.

It can also be speculated that the cyber attack capability of the Su-57 fighter should be very strong, and the tactical combat capability of the hunter stealth drone has been formed.

The Russian military believes that the hunter stealth drone is originally an unmanned aircraft suitable for large-scale warfare. Its high-speed jet stealth performance can break through the enemy’s air defense system.

It can fly within the coverage of the enemy’s most advanced air defense missile systems and even enemy aircraft. Russian hunter stealth drones are very powerful, ready to form a team, not at all levels, Russia’s advanced drone will soon be in service.

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