Russia New Drone carry 220 kg payloads

//Russia New Drone carry 220 kg payloads

Russia New Drone carry 220 kg payloads

About one year ago, one drone called Skyf created by a Russian company, appeared in people’s eyes. The large multi-rotor drone uses a gasoline and electric hybrid system that can carry up to 440 pounds (220 kilograms) of payload and fly for eight hours.

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It is understood that the Skyf drone is built to combine the power and durability of a gasoline engine with the sensitive response and ease of handling of an electric engine. With a 220 hp petrol engine, it can lift huge payloads into the air, and a small electric motor mounted at the corners provides stability and steering for the drone.

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The company said the drone has the ability to boost its oversized capacity to 400 kilograms while supporting more than 350 kilometers of flight. Under the company’s design, it can carry a wide range of goods and applications ranging from spraying pesticides to crops, transporting cargo to offshore gas rigs, and assisting search and rescue missions through sensors.

drone carry 220 kilograms

However, it is not easy to create a Guinness World Record. This requires not only the official staff to record on the spot but also the relevant supporting documents for evaluation.

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