Project Description

WELKIN-P5 Hybrid Gas-Electrical Drone

welkin-p5 drone
welkin-p5 gas electrical drone
welkin-p5 uav
welkin-p5 hybrid drone
welkin-p5 drones
welkin-p5 uavs


  • 30kg max payload

  • 36 km/h cruise speed

  • 150 minutes flight time

Unfold Dimension 1700mm X 1700mm X 680mm
Fold Dimension 880mm X 880mm X 680mm
Empty Weight 22kg (no fuel, no battery)
Maximum take-off weight 50KG
Hovering Accuracy Vertical: +0.5 m, Horizontal: +1.5 M
Maximum Yaw Angle Speed 150°/s
Maximum Tilt Angle 35°
Maximum Ascent Speed 5m/s
Maximum Descent rate 4m/s
Maximum Wind Resistant Speed 12m/s(6 Scale)
Cruise Speed 36 km/h (Windless Environment)
Practical Lift 3500m
Maximum Horizontal Flight Velocity 54km/h (Windless Environment)
Spare Batteries 2 pieces 10 000mAh (Spare Battery Used for Forced Landing of Engine Failure)
Flight Time 150 min (No load, 0 altitude)
120 min (Load 5 kg, 0 altitude)
70 min (No load, 3000m altitude)
50 min (Load 5 kg, 3000m altitude)
Rotor Size 30*10.5 inches
Generator Parameters Size 355mm X 319mm X 251mm
Applicable Power voltage 12 S(50.0V)
Fuel Over #95 mix the corresponding proportion of engine oil
Use ambient temperature -20 ~40 ℃
Power varies with altitude (at standard atmospheric pressure) Maximum 7200W (0 altitude)
Maximum 5600W (1500m above sea level)
Maximum 3800W (altitude 3000m)
Fuel Tank 12L (additional auxiliary tank)
Accessories Fuel pump, starter, fuel mixer, processing parts, parachutes
Emergency Plan The top is equipped with an emergency standby parachute. The built-in sensor detects 100 UAV flight attitudes per second. When the UAV detects a 60° out of control attitude, the first time ejecting the parachute helps the drone to safely descend. The drone is out of control until the ejection response takes only 0.1 seconds.

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