Project Description

WELKIN-P4 Gas-Electric Hybrid Six Rotors Industrial Drone

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Gas-Electric Hybrid drone
Gas-Electric Hybrid drone
Gas-Electric Hybrid drone
Gas-Electric Hybrid uav
Gas-Electric Hybrid uav


  • 5kg Payload

  • 90min flight time

  • 7 class wind against

  • 30km control radius

  • one key startup

  • auto start in the air

How To Convert Gasoline Into Direct Current For Drone?

Convert oil into electricity for uav
  • WELKIN engine convert gasoline into power

  • Generator convert power into alternating current

  • Converter convert alternating current into direct current

  • Direct current provide energy for the drone

Welkin P4 gas-electric hybrid drone can play a big role in different fields, when carrying a variety of mission loads, such as 16 million high-definition pixel camera, 30x optical zoom camera, infrared dual-light camera, life-saving throwing, relay communicator, megaphone, air pollution detector, Lidar, logistics boxes and so on.

Welkin P4 hybrid gas electric drone can be widely used in electric power inspection, pipeline inspection, river inspection, forest fire prevention, emergency rescue, anti-terrorism stability, border patrol, logistics express, relay communication, scientific investigation, and so many military and civilian fields.

Product Welkin-P4
Environment temperature -20℃~ 40℃
Arm characteristics Foldable
Load 5kg
Takeoff weight 25kg
Wheelbase 1480mm
Flight duration time 90min
Average flight speed 18m/s
Wind resistance 7 Scale
Fuel 92# Gasoline
Fuel consumption 2.5 L/h
Power output 4kw
Flight altitude 2000m
Control radius 15km

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