WELKIN-P3 Gas-Electric Hybrid Quadcopter

//WELKIN-P3 Gas-Electric Hybrid Quadcopter
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Project Description

WELKIN-P3 Gas-Electric Hybrid Quadcopter

multi-function quadcopter
Gas-Electric Hybrid uav
Gas-Electric Hybrid quadcopter
Gas-Electric Hybrid drone
Gas-Electric Hybrid
Gas-Electric Hybrid quadcopter drone


  • 2 hours flight time with 2kg payload

  • max. 4 hours flight time

  • 7 class wind against

  • 30km control radius

  • one key startup

  • auto start in the air

How To Convert Gasoline Into Direct Current For Drone?

Convert gasoline into electricity for drone
  • WELKIN engine convert gasoline into power

  • Generator convert power into alternating current

  • Converter convert alternating current into direct current

  • Direct current provide energy for the drone

Welkin P3  gas-electric hybrid drone uses a highly reliable engine, matching the power generation system developed by our company independently, which solves the problem of short flight time of Rotor UAV and provides continuous power for the whole drone.

The gas-electric hybrid UAV, through burning ordinary 92# gasoline to drive the engine to rotate at high speed, and drive the generator to generate electricity. The AC generated by the rectifier bridge rectifier becomes the available DC power for the aircraft.

It matches the energy control module which developed for the system by our company independently. Welkin P3 hybrid UAV can automatically adjust the engine throttle and throttle size according to the voltage level, and it is equipped with a one-button start-up system, simple operation, conversion efficiency as high as 90%.

WELKIN-P3 Professional Industrial Quadcopter Drone

Product Welkin-P3
Environment temperature -20℃~ 40℃
Arm characteristics Foldable
Load 2kg
Takeoff weight 15kg
Wheelbase 1180mm
Flight duration time 120min
Average flight speed 15m/s
Wind resistance 7 Scale
Fuel 92# Gasoline
Fuel consumption 1 L/h
Power output 2kw
Flight altitude 2000m
Control radius 15km

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