Project Description

Electric uav
Electric Drone
power line inspection drone
police uav
police uav
Model Number WELKIN-P2
Flight Range (km) 60
Flight Time (minute) 70
Take Off/ Landing VTOL
Hover Capability Yes
Cruising Speed (m/s) 0~15
Max. Speed (km/h) 72
Control Radius (km) >40
Graph Transmission Distance(km) >30
Image Encryption Method AES
Video Format 720×576
Dimension (m) 1.6×1.6×0.5
Take Off Weight (kg) 8~15
Payload (kg) 1~5
Max. Flying Altitude (m) 4000
Power Lipa Battery
Wind Resistance Scale 6

Welkin-P Series drone belongs to multi-rotor drone, which can take off on platform less than 1 square meter. It’s a flying multifunctional platform for aerial survey and photograph, mapping, disaster survey, inspection of power line and oil pipeline, forest fire monitoring, prevent poaching, resource detection and police assistance and so on.


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