WELKIN-F5 Long Distance Drone

//WELKIN-F5 Long Distance Drone
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Project Description

WELKIN-F5 Industrial Professional Long Distance UAV

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WELKIN-F5 is one long distance Rolling UAV Platform, carbon fiber drone frame makes it own a light body and have long flight time while cost little power,20 hour’s duration means the uav can work in the air day and night without landing and supplies. Long Flight Time and Long Range can meets almost all your mission requirements.

Model Number WELKIN-F5
Wingspan 3500mm
Maximum Takeoff Weight 35kg
Fuselage Length 2.1m
Takeoff and Landing Running
Chord Length 0.3m
Flight Distance 2000km
Fuselage Maximum Diameter 200m
Duration Time 20H
Cruise Speed 24m/s
Fuel Consumption 0.6L/H
Wind Resistance ≤6 scale
Performance Characteristics fully autonomous flight, safe and convenient; RTK positioning fixed landing, precise position


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