Project Description

WELKIN-A3 23L Electrical Agriculture Sprayer Drone

sprayer uav
sprayer drone
agriculture uav
20L sprayer uav
6 rotors agricultural sprayer drone


  • Auto flying and spraying

  • Spray 4.94 acres once flying

  • GPS Navigation

  • Easy to maintain

  • Provide operation training

Welkin A2 and A3 agricultural spray drone is independently developed by Welkin UAV as the battery-powered UAV. The fuselage consists of high-strength composite body, brushless DC power system, adaptive precision control system, multi-points spray system.

With small size, light weight, large payload, short starting time, easy operation and so on, our drone adopts the fully autonomous flight control system, which greatly reduces labor intensity and eliminates the health damage of pesticide to the operator.

Model Number WELKIN-A3
Dimension 1600*1600*800mm
Rotor Diameter 32in
Empty Weight 15kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 60kg
Volume 23L
Working Hours 20-30Minutes
Control Radius 3km
Spraying Height 2—5M
Efficiency of Spray 1Mu/min


1.Self-service flight

Prior to the spraying operation, through the real-time map displayed on the ground control station, four boundary points around the farmland will be selected, then intelligent automatic flight control system will automatically generate a series of work routes and import the agriculture spray drone.

After setting the working command, agriculture spray drone can automatically take off and automatically complete the spraying operation, and then automatically land off to takeoff point.

2.Auxiliary flight

When the agriculture spray drone is set to work in automatic mode, the operator can switch to manual mode during flight and directly remotely control it with the help of the intelligent automatic flight control system. The operation is simple and the efficiency is high.

3.Return mode (one click return)

Welkin A2 and A3 agricultural spray drone have automatic return function. Automatic return includes low-power automatic return, loss of control return and intelligent home return function.

To use automatic return function, it needs successfully record the return point before take-off.

The drone will return automatically after losing the communication signal between the remote control and the drone, and automatically land off to avoid accidental injury.


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