Project Description

WELKIN-A2 10L Electrical Agriculture Sprayer Drone

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agriculture quadcopter drone
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  • Auto flying and spraying

  • Spraying 3.29 acres once flying

  • GPS Navigation

  • Available for nearly all the crops

  • Easy to maintain

  • Provide operation training

Welkin A2 and A3 agricultural spray drone is independently developed by Welkin UAV as the battery-powered UAV. The fuselage consists of high-strength composite body, brushless DC power system, adaptive precision control system, multi-points spray system.

With small size, light weight, large payload, short starting time, easy operation and so on, our drone adopts the fully autonomous flight control system, which greatly reduces labor intensity and eliminates the health damage of pesticide to the operator.

At the same time, Welkin A2 and A3 agricultural spray drone with the multi-points atomizing spraying system to ensure maximum coverage of the work area and application evenly to penetrate into crop roots, greatly reducing dosage and cost.

Model Number WELKIN-A2
Dimension 1400*1400*700mm
Rotor Diameter 30in
Empty Weight 9kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 40kg
Volume 10L
Working Hours 15-20Minutes
Control Radius 3km
Spraying Height 2—5M
Efficiency of Spray 1Mu/min


1. Light weight and high strength carbon fiber propeller, provide strong power, increase the endurance time, improve the efficiency of spray work;

agriculture drone propeller

2.Quick dismantling machine shaft design, convenient installation, convenient transportation, can quickly transfer operation site;

agriculture drone body

3.High precise positioning GPS, making the Welkin UAV A2 and A3 agriculture spray drone perform more accurately, no worry about the leakage of spray or repeating spray;

agriculture drone gps part

4. DC centrifugal sprinkler, micron atomized particles, make pesticide directly reach crop’s root, fundamentally cure crop diseases and insect pests.

agriculture drone sprayer part


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