Project Description

WELKIN-A1 10L Agricultural UAV

Agricultural Sprayer UAV
Agricultural Drone Sprayer Uav
Agricultural UAV
Agricultural Sprayer UAV


  • 10L tank

  • 35min flight time

  • Lipa battery

  • 10m/s operating speed

Product Welkin A1
Main Rotor Diameter 26in
Maximum operating speed 10m/s
Hovering time 20min
Tank Capacity 10L
Pesticide Particle 20~150μm
Empty Weight 11kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 28kg
Conformation Dimensions 1400*1400*650mm
Spray Capacity one mu/minute(recommend)
Flight time 20~35min
Spray Application System Pesticide tank, Mass spray system, Booster pumps set
Relative Flight Altitude 1~5m
Recommended working environment temperature -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Operation Mode Safe self-service flight(or assist light)

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