Project Description

WELKIN-F4 Multi-Function Fixed Wing VTOL UAV

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WELKIN-F4 is one VTOL fixed wing UAV Platform, carbon fiber drone frame makes it own a light body and have long flight time while cost little power, 8 hour’s duration can collect more aerial information.

Vertical taking off and landing needs no runway, easily and quickly taking off are available to catch the best chance to complete the target.

Model Number WELKIN-F4
Wingspan 3.5m
Maximum Takeoff Weight 27kg
Fuselage Length 2m
Takeoff and Landing VTOL
Chord Length 0.22m
Flight Distance 800km
Fuselage Maximum Diameter 0.2m
Duration Time 8H
Cruise Speed 20-30m/s
Fuel Consumption 0.6L/H
Wind Resistance ≤6 scale
Performance Characteristics VTOL, no site requirements; fully autonomous flight, safe and convenient; RTK positioning fixed landing, precise position


1.Aerial Survey

Aerial Survey

With Professional equipment such as: aerial camera, radar etc. UAV can do aerial surveying, mapping, geological

survey, disaster investigation etc.

2.Pipeline Patrol

Pipeline Patrol

With 30X zoom camera and autopilot flight control system, WELKIN-F4 can automatically inspect oil pipelines

and railway. Compare manual work, drones have a huge advantage on efficient, especially in desert, mountain,

forest and other depopulated zone.

3.Medicine Delivery

Emergency medical service can save many life. Drones can applied to medicine transportation for those people

who need special medicine immediately and injured soldier.

4.Poaching Patrol

Poaching Patrols

Wild animal poaching is a big problem in many country their wildlife park is vast and cover by trick vegetation.

It takes long time to complete a patrol of the area. Criminals always get away after heard of the sound of the guard’s

verchile. With high definition camera and thermal camera, drones greatly improved the efficiency of inspection, silent

inspections and heat detection also make criminals nowhere to hide.


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