Police Drones Fight Against Illegal Fishing

//Police Drones Fight Against Illegal Fishing

Police Drones Fight Against Illegal Fishing

In order to combat illegal fishing crimes, this year, Wuzhong District Police of Suzhou City introduced police drones to realize a water, land and air patrol mode for the first time.

Since the beginning of this year, 12 cases of illegal fishing of aquatic products have been handled, 24 criminal suspects have been arrested, 12 vessels have been detained, and 300 kilograms of various aquatic products have been seized. The illegal fishing cases in the jurisdiction have declined for three consecutive years.

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On April 20 this year, the Wuhu District Linhu Police Station and the Taihu Fishery Administration Department successfully intercepted and arrested five fishing boats 10 kilometers southeast of the Taihu Lake waters in the area under their jurisdiction. On the spot, they seized 141.8 kilograms of illegally caught aquatic products and arrested 11 people. crime suspect.

On July 8, after prior planning, Gao Mou, Song Mou and Hu Mou sneaked on the electric fish boat in the early morning, and entered the Taihu Lake waters outside the Miaoqiao Port by the Taihu Lake waters. The Southern District Police Station of Wuzhong District immediately joined the relevant departments to organize investigations and investigations on illegal fishing personnel. On the spot, it seized more than 50 kilograms of various types of aquatic products, and seized a number of tools such as illegal electric fish boats and high-power generator sets.

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