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According to the characteristics of the drone, combined with the actual situation of the police work, the use of the police drone in air reconnaissance, fire rescue, disaster relief, traffic management, etc. is undoubtedly a trend, with a huge market prospect.

Highly integrated with the public security business system

At present, most of the UAVs are only used as a single police tool. They have limited functions and are isolated from the mature business system of the public security department. They cannot form an organic and unified integrated system with other business systems. The video transmission protocol of UAV’s UAV is developed in accordance with the national standard GB/T 28181 for video surveillance, which ensures that the drone video seamlessly interfaces with the public security video surveillance system.

 Functional diversification

The drone not only carries a large zoom visible light camera for aerial concealed reconnaissance, but also can carry infrared thermal imaging, megaphone, throwing, MAC address collection and other mounts to carry out anti-terrorism, forest fire prevention, emergency air defense, and smuggling , large-scale event security, group incident handling and other combat tasks.

 The scene is speeding up

The drone has realized the folding arm structure, quick-release blade, quick-release head and other modular design, and supports rapid assembly on site to meet the sudden and emergency characteristics of public security work, so as to ensure that the UAV equipment can be quickly pulled. Come out and quickly use it, you can quickly install and disassemble in a few minutes.

Communication transmission data chaining

Public security is a special department. Many of the tasks performed are concealed, with high confidentiality requirements, and the task content cannot be leaked at will. When using a drone to perform tasks, data and communication transmission must be data chained to ensure content security.

Battery life and load

The six-rotor drone has a maximum battery life of 60 minutes and a maximum load of over 10kg. At the same time, through the tethering technology, continuous flight can be realized to meet various combat missions of the police drone under special application scenarios.

Application of UAV in Public Security Criminal Police

The most important task of the public security criminal police is to conduct criminal investigations and be responsible for the investigation of criminal cases.

 Aerial investigation

Since drones can carry high-definition digital cameras, video cameras and other police equipment, police drones can play a major role in certain target areas or in certain target areas where personnel cannot be dispatched for some reason. . In general, small unmanned aerial vehicles use electricity as a power source, and the noise is small, so it is not easy to awaken the target task. Moreover, it is small in size and flying at high altitude, and it also has strong concealment. When the drone carries the high-definition camera device, the reconnaissance task can be performed. Prepare for the police’s next move.

Fixed point monitoring

The drone can track and monitor various escape modes adopted by fugitives. It can also be equipped with infrared equipment to monitor night fugitives and conduct scanning flight search for suspects hiding in the jungle. The drone will inform the police of the escape route of the fugitive in advance, and improve the speed of arrest and accuracy of the arrest.

Chasing criminals

When a criminal is arrested and flees, there may be some reason why the police cannot immediately stop the force response, which brings a certain time lag. The longer the time lag, the more difficult it is to hunt down criminals and the less likely it is to capture them. If equipped with a police drone, the time lag can be greatly shortened. Before the police can fully organize the corresponding forces, the police can first dispatch the police drones, conduct real-time monitoring of the fugitives, complete the positioning of the target fugitives, and transmit relevant information and terrain and crowd data back to the command center for the police. Get ready for arrest.

Application of drones in the field of counter-terrorism

For the public security armed police and special police, their main responsibilities are to deal with sudden violent incidents and anti-terrorism incidents. In the anti-terrorism department, the tasks are heavy, and the usefulness of police drones is enormous.

Police operation icon:

The first step: the drone quickly took off, quickly rushed to the site to investigate, and timely feedback to the command center;

The second step: no low-altitude shooting, the number of criminals, scale, casualties, etc. will be promptly transmitted back to the wisdom center, so that the command center can make the next move;

The third step: According to the news sent back by the drone, the command center makes quick decisions and makes reasonable arrangements for the special police, ambulance personnel and firefighters.

The fourth step: the drone continuously monitors the target, transmits the dynamics of the criminals to the command department in real time, and cooperates with the special police unit of the armed police for precise arrest.

Border control

China has a land boundary line of more than 22,000 kilometers, which is bordered by 14 countries, and two-thirds of the borders are high mountains and deserts. In view of the large flow of inbound and outbound traffic on China’s borders and the serious criminal activities such as smuggling and smuggling, it is objectively required that the border defense department should perform tasks with a long distance and react quickly. Traditional border monitoring is mostly carried out by manual monitoring. The drone reduces the waste of manpower and improves the monitoring efficiency.

This metal-made aircraft can be tucked into a shoulder bag after being folded. Another major advantage is that it is quiet and difficult to detect, thus providing the police with “an unprecedented convenience.”

Forest police

  1. Inspection coverage area is large, inspection accuracy is high, and over-the-horizon automatic driving
  2. Rapid response, strong emergency mobility
  3. High-definition real-time backhaul inspection image
  4. Dangerous scene feedback, assisting rescue and disaster relief command decision
  5. High safety of man-machine separation