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Quick and easy image acquisition

WELKIN-C1 Digital Oblique Camera can quickly collect photo data with GPS information, and can quickly acquire image data through a simple link of data lines.

Streamline costs

Through a large number of modularization and system integration optimization, Huafei has greatly reduced the cost. The self-developed multi-rotor and vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing fixed-wing camera modules are packaged, and the cost performance is much higher than that of the conventional mapping on the market. machine.

The entire system is highly mobile

The whole set of equipment does not need to be transported and deployed by special airports. It can be loaded and consigned by small cars, and can be assembled at any time. 2-3 staff members can complete assembly and take-off preparation within 10-15 minutes.

Less affected by climatic conditions

In moderate rain or snow weather or high wind conditions, Huafei UAV can still go out to work.

Lower flight conditions demand

There is no need for special airports and runways, and the take-off and landing work can be done on ordinary roads or in open spaces, greatly improving the efficiency of the work.

Meet multi-scale mapping

Can quickly generate 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000 large scale results map

UAV aerial survey application:

  • Geological disaster emergency rescue
  • Urban planning
  • Major engineering projects
  • Digital city construction
  • Land and Resources Survey
  • Mineral planning and development
  • Debris flow, collapse, landslide investigation
  • Engineering design
  • Island mapping
  • Route planning
  • Resource development
  • Agriculture and forestry monitoring and estimation
  • New rural construction surveying and mapping
  • Detection in high-risk areas
  • Railway and highway construction survey

Tilt photography

Tilt photography is a high-tech developed in the field of international remote sensing and surveying in recent years. It breaks through the limitation that the traditional aerial survey camera can only obtain orthophotos from vertical angle shooting. By carrying multiple image sensors on the same flight platform, the real images with spatial information can be simultaneously collected from different angles of vertical and oblique. In order to obtain more comprehensive texture details, the user is presented with a real world that conforms to human vision. The oblique three-dimensional data can realistically reflect the appearance, position, height and other attributes of the object, enhance the high immersion caused by the three-dimensional data, and make up for the low defect of the traditional artificial modeling. At the same time, the use of drones equipped with tilt camera for terrain mapping and automatic modeling system can bring revolutionary efficiency to the field of surveying and mapping.

  • Adopting the world’s most advanced design and manufacturing processes, it can adapt to most weather and natural environments;
  • Highly modular body components
  • The body is made of industrial grade ABS material, which is light and sturdy.