How To Maintain The Helicopter Drone?

//How To Maintain The Helicopter Drone?

How To Maintain The Helicopter Drone?

1.Fuselage Maintenance

  • Clean the fuselage surface to ensure it is clean and free of dirt.
  • Check the helicopter drone body frame and its connectors to ensure that the nose, fuselage, tail, landing gear and their connections are free of cracks, breaks, and significant deformation.
  • Check if the bolts on the fuselage are loose, make sure that all the fastening bolts are not loose, and the screws that are not matched with the nuts are fastened.
  • Loctite680 thread glue should be applied before.

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2.Blade maintenance

  • It needs to knock down the main paddle blades and store them when the helicopter drone completed the work.
  • Clean the main and tail rotors to ensure that the surface of the blade is clean and free of dirt.
  • Check and record whether the main and tail rotors are cracked, damaged and obviously deformed to ensure a safe flight.
  • Check if the fastening bolts and nuts of the paddle are invalid. If it doesn’t work, replace it.

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3.Maintain power system of helicopter drones

  • For engine maintenance, please refer to the instructions of the corresponding engine for maintenance.
  • Check the spark plug for excessive carbon build-up and ensure that the spark plug does not have excessive carbon deposits.
  • The spark plug needs to be replaced after 100h, and the steel sleeve and piston ring need to be replaced after 200h.

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4.Maintain the transmission system

  • Check the smoothness of the rotation of the main rotor and the empennage. If it is not smooth, lubricate the relevant bearings. If the oil is still difficult to achieve lubrication, replace the bearings.
  • Check if the gear oil in the gearbox is discolored or contains impurities, and the oil surface is higher than the half of the gear. If the surface of gear oil is too low or deteriorate, please replace it immediately.
  • Replace the gear oil after 50 hours.
  • Check the gear clearance and the teeth for damage, tightness of the bite, ensure that the gears are normal and the gearbox has no abnormal sound.

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5.Maintain moving parts

  • Replace the friction plate and clutch spring when the helicopter drone has flown for 100h.
  • Check whether the spindle rotation of the gearbox is smooth. If not, it needs to be lubricated and replaced.
  • Check if the bearing volume of each part is too large. If it is too large or the sleeve is out, replace it immediately.
  • Check the connecting rods, connecting parts, screws, joint bearing looseness, wear and deformation of the main rotor and tail. Abnormal phenomena are obvious, and parts that are serious or have hidden dangers to flight need to be replaced in time.
  • Check all drive belts. If the belt is slack, tighten it immediately. If the belt is worn or cracked, replace it immediately.

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6.Maintain fuel system

  • Check if the oil tank leaks oil, whether the oil nozzle is well sealed with the oil pipe, and the fastening is reliable.
  • Check if the oil pipe is bent too much. If it bent too much, it needs to change the oil pipe or adjust the position of the oil pipe.
  • Check if the oil pipe is damaged. If it is damaged, replace the oil pipe.
  • Check that the fuel supplying is normal and that the nozzle is not blocked by dirt.
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