How To Ensure Agriculture Drones Spray Perfectly?

//How To Ensure Agriculture Drones Spray Perfectly?

How To Ensure Agriculture Drones Spray Perfectly?

To ensure the quality of the spray, the following 6 tips must be cared about:

1. Variable spraying.

This function is necessary and well understood. Everyone knows that the flying speed of the drone will decrease when the ground and the ground turn, and the variable spraying requirement is that the amount of spraying is proportional to the flying speed of the aircraft, flying fast.

There are many sprays, and there are a few slow sprays. If the pump is sprayed at a constant flow rate, the number of crops will increase in this section of the aircraft’s deceleration and acceleration. First, it may be caused by heavy spray. Second, It is a great waste for pesticides.

2. Accurate flow meter.

Many people may not care about it. In fact, the accuracy of the flow meter has a great impact on the quality of the drone spraying. At present, the plant protection machine of the big manufacturers can set the project for the amount of the drug used in the project.

The accuracy is guaranteed by the flowmeter. Many teams have used drugs to make a 10L pharmacy. The amount of the drug used is 1L, which is equivalent to 1 barrel of medicine. If there is a problem with the flowmeter, there will be 8 acres of myrrh. Or, if you hit 12 acres of land, there will be medicine.

If the dose is too much, it will waste pesticides, increase crop resistance, and increase costs. It will cause a lack of control on pests and diseases if the dose is a little, and may increase the number of prevention and treatment.

3. Reasonable nozzles.

It includes two aspects, one is the type of the nozzle, the other is the position of the nozzle. For the type, many pilots think that the finer the atomization, the better the spraying, we must fully consider the working environment, especially the temperature, too small the atomized particles will evaporate quickly in the high temperature working environment, resulting in insufficient adhesion of the liquid and poor control effect.

The excessive mist will cause the liquid to slip and the amount of adhesion will decrease, so the atomized particle diameter of the nozzle is not smaller.

In our opinion, it is best to keep it at 150-250μm, which can reduce the amount of liquid that is wasted by evaporation and ensure sufficient adhesion.

The second is the position of the nozzle, the nozzles of many big manufacturers’ spraying drones are generally placed under the propellers, as shown in the below image.

20L sprayer uav

Moreover, there is still a wind field test, so we think that placing the nozzles under the propellers should be the best solution at present. For the boom design of the crossbar, the hail of the mist will actually be hoisted, resulting in an increase in the fogging time.

The evaporation home increased and finally led to a waste of liquid. Therefore, the drone is not only to be able to fly, but also to sprinkle well, not to waste.

4. Breakpoint battery life.

This is also a relatively conventional function. The main function is to continue the operation at the point where the agricultural drone sprayer can return to the interrupted position when the agricultural drone is changed or the normal route is sprayed for various reasons, and the machine is returned to the breakpoint.

The spray will not be automatically turned on during the flight, so as to ensure that there is no heavy spray.

5. Fixed height radar. Another necessary function, the constant height radar here does not mean that the barometer is set high, and the second is to maintain the height of the top of the crop according to the set parameters.

Only in this way we can ensure the stability of the spray.

6. Stable wind field. The dynamic simulation of the wind field seems to cost a lot of money. The wind field simulation maps seem to be relatively few at present.

The dynamic wind field map of DJI T16 perfectly explains the importance of the stable wind field. Through the simulation scene, it can be determined that it is effective.

Spray width, working speed and working height enhances the quality of the spray from the design.

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