How To Choose An Amazing Agriculture Spray UAV?

//How To Choose An Amazing Agriculture Spray UAV?

How To Choose An Amazing Agriculture Spray UAV?

First, convenient to carry agriculture spray UAV.

No matter what kind of agriculture drone sprayer machine, if you need a large and medium-sized vehicle to transport it, we think this agriculture drone sprayer machine is immature. Four Tips Of Planning The Spraying Flight Route.

Hazard 1: Waste of effective working time.

In actual operation, the land will not be a whole block or next to each other. We need to keep loading and unloading the aircraft (commonly known as the transition), which will waste effective working time. The lost time is lost income.

Hazard 2: Losing customers.

When it is a waste of time, there may be situations where you can’t work. Losing the opportunity to earn money is one of them. Losing the trust of customers is the most terrible.

Hazard 3: Cost more.

The depreciation expense and fuel consumption of medium and large transport vehicles are relatively high. These costs also need to be carefully accounted for.

Summary, the agriculture drone sprayer machine is best to be folded or easy to disassemble and transport, and it must be completed and disassembled in a short time to reduce the transition time.

sprayer uav

sprayer uav

Second, match the payload reasonably.

Many new pilots have a misunderstanding, that the bigger of the payload, the better of the agriculture farm drone, the higher of the spraying efficiency. Absolutely it’s wrong.

A reasonable configuration is when the spraying is completed, the remaining battery power is enough for a newbie to land the agriculture farm drone and not to cause battery damage due to over-discharge of the battery.

Generally speaking, the remaining 30%-40% of the battery charge can be satisfied.

Hazard 1: Waste working time to increase operating costs.

If the spraying is not finished, the battery has been run out of, or the spraying is finished, there is still a lot of electricity.

Many plots are longer than 100 meters. If the agriculture farm drone is far away from the base. It needs to fly back to add medicine or change the battery, it will waste a lot of electricity.

The best configuration at present is to fill up the medicine every time the aircraft takes off and land, and replace it with a full charge. The battery can ensure efficiency and reduce charging time.

Hazard 2: Increase costs.

It will be lost many consumers if the battery costs more.

Hazard 3: Increase transportation difficulties and conversion time.

The size of the heavy-duty body will also be larger, and if the design is unreasonable, transportation will be more troublesome.

Third, flight protection.

This is also a problem that many people will ignore, the agriculture farm drone itself is in high temperature, high corrosive environment, so it is especially important for its own protection. For example,

agriculture sprayer uav

The above agriculture farm drone has the following problems

Problem 1: Accelerate the aging of electronic components and wires.

The exposed GPS and wire will quickly age under the corrosion of liquid and strong light, increasing the cost.

Problem 2: Reduce work efficiency and increase battery costs.

When the battery itself is discharged during the flight, it will be hot. Putting the sun on the top of the agriculture farm drone will greatly increase the temperature of the battery.

The first will cause the battery to overheat and aging, and the second will cause the battery pack to be charged because the battery is overheated.

Increase, third If the temperature is too high, the battery will explode and cause the crash, in addition to the loss of the battery, the machine loss is more serious.

Summary, A qualified agriculture drone sprayer machine should have good protection measures for electronic components and batteries, prevent chemical corrosion and high temperature, so that more work can be done, so that the cost can be lower.

The ratio is unrealistic. With a low-cost but unsatisfactory agriculture drone sprayer machine, the most painful thing is that you will lose your customers. When you regret, the customer has already switched to another company.

There are a lot of agriculture spray uavs that can fly and demonstrate, but how many can work for 10,000 mu? How many can spray 20,000 mu? How many more can continue to work? How much is your cost calculated?

10L sprayer drone

10L sprayer drone

Fourth, personal protection.

There are little people who care about this. But It happens a lot. Many pilots want agriculture spray uavs to use carbon fiber propellers, because carbon fiber propellers are durable and not easy to wear, which is understandable.

But why many large manufacturers have chosen plastics, which are more brittle and not very durable. The reason is that the size of the agriculture spray UAV blades is very large. The killing power is very strong.

If you accidentally hurt people, the blades of plastics will only hurt the flesh and then break, but the carbon fiber will hurt the bones.

Five, easy to repair.

the agriculture spray uavs will be damaged, the repair time must be as short as possible, the less the tools used, the simpler the better.

It depends on the design of agriculture spray UAV. Modular and no welding will greatly reduce maintenance time.

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