Four Tips Of Plan The Spraying Flight Route

//Four Tips Of Plan The Spraying Flight Route

Four Tips Of Plan The Spraying Flight Route

When planning the route, we need to set a reasonable route according to the specific conditions of the site. Here to introduce some route planning skills, you can make everyone’s flight defense capabilities to a higher level. (Relative read: How To Choose An Amazing Agriculture Spray UAV?)

1.Contraction principle

Boundary retraction distance: Boundary retraction distance refers to the distance from the center of the plant protection drone to the plot boundary.

Border retraction is divided into obstacles and barriers. When there is an obstacle in the boundary, in order to avoid accidental collision of obstacles during the automatic flight of the plant protection machine, a certain safety distance is required.

Assuming that the agriculture drone has a spray width of 5 meters, then if the safety distance is 1 m or 5 m, it is necessary to work more than one route. So, we should better choose a safer 5 m for the boundary retraction distance.

So when there are obstacles at the boundary, the conservative scheme can choose to shrink the distance of spraying.

2.Barrier distance

When the border is unobstructed, many people think that the boundary is half-indented, and it is most suitable to spray to the boundary. In fact, the field work environment is changeable. If there is a gust of wind when spraying, the retraction of the half spray is easy to cause leakage due to the wind.

Therefore, when the boundary is unobstructed, the coverage of the spray can be set to be more than 1 meter beyond the boundary of the field (without affecting the surrounding crops), which can reduce the leakage caused by the environment.

The obstacle retraction distance, as the name suggests, is the distance from the center of the agriculture UAV sprayer to the obstacle boundary. It is recommended to set the distance to spray width.

3.Long route principle

When planning a route, the longer the route length, the better. As we all know, the process of agriculture UAV for the farming wrap is much slower than the normal flight. Frequent line breaks can result in wasted time and power.

spraying route

Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency and reduce operating costs, long routes should be used as much as possible when planning routes. However, after testing, it was found that when the length of the route exceeded 200 meters, the efficiency of the upgrade was not obvious.

spraying route

For example, one route with a length of 200 meters and another with 400 meters, the flight efficiency of 200 meters is nearly the same as the 400 meters’ route. So, it is possible to decide whether to fly a 200-meter route or a 400-meter route depending on specific environmental factors.

 4.Slope principle

When planning a slope operation route, the route should be set along the slope contour.

When set to a regular climbing route, the crop sprayer drone needs more power than the task in the flat field in the whole process to complete the climbing downhill. This will not only cost more power but also shorten the life of the agriculture drone components.

 Conventional slope operation route

However, if the route is executed on a contour route, the route is similar to that on a flat flight, and only needs to be raised and lowered during a short line break. Compared with the previous route operation mode, the work efficiency is greatly improved and the risk of work crash is reduced.

Contour line slope operation route

How to set the height when working on a slope? Taking the contour route as an example, if the traversing distance of the crop sprayer UAV is 5 meters, then we need to know how much the slope height changes when we traverse 5 meters on the slope of the current operation.

If the crop spraying drone traverses 5 meters, the slope height increases by 1 meter and the normal minimum working height are 1.5 meters. To ensure sufficient safety when the crop spraying drone is traversed, the height should be set to 1+1.5=2.5 meters. In this way, each time the crop spraying UAV is traversed, there is a safe height of 1.5 meters or more like a buffer, which greatly reduces the chance of accidents.

May the four tips of planning the spraying flight route can greatly improve your spraying efficiency of agriculture drones.

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