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Program advantage

Accurately provide fire information

The infrared and visible light cameras of the Huafei series of drones monitor the forest fires, and transmit them to the ground station in real time through the numerical control telemetry circuit. The fire points and hot spots are displayed on the digital map of the ground station, and the fire system is determined by the identification system. And carry out precise fire point positioning. When the aircraft is flying above the fire, data such as the contour, area and spread speed of the fire can be transmitted back to the ground control center in real time to monitor the occurrence of forest fires (especially for initial fires and hidden fires) and the development of the fire field. Fire-fighting command provides reliable information.

Helping to develop a reasonable rescue plan

Huafei UAV can fly according to a certain height and position. As a commanding height in the air, the entire fire area is observed, the data collection of the fire fighting and rescue site is completed, and information support is provided for the scientific dispatch of rescue and formulation of rescue plans.

Prevention of fires and secondary disasters

After the fire is extinguished, the left-hand firefighters can clean up the fire to prevent re-ignition. The drone can be equipped with an infrared thermal imaging camera to detect the fire in the fire and obtain a complete image of the ground temperature distribution in the fire field. There is a dark fire, so that the command center can timely deploy firefighters to clean up the dark fire, ensure the safety of the firefighters, and effectively prevent the fire from re-igniting.