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WELKINUAV has the lead technologies of UAVs and most UAVs are produced.

We have an excellent technical team engaging in designing, developing and manufacturing the unmanned aerial vehicles, covering fixed-wing, multi-rotors, helicopters and related spare parts, which are applied to military reconnaissance, aerial remote sensing, movie aerial photography, scene environment monitoring and so on.

Customers Visit Our Factory

WELKIN UAV Switzerland Customer

Switzerland customers visit our factory

Our Switzerland customers want to buy our fixed wing vtol uavs.

They fly to Chengdu from Switzerland to visit our factory, we show them our uavs in the factory. And we took them to our airport fly the fixed-wing vtol uavs.

They are very happy and satisfied with our fixed wing vtol uavs.

Our Laos customers would like to buy WELKIN-P2 multi-function electric drones.

They came to our factory and we showed them our advantages of six rotors electric drones.

By the way, we showed them around our factory and our agricultural sprayer drones and newly designed fixed wing vtol uavs.

They are very satisfied with this visitation.

WELKIN UAV Laos Customer

Laos customers visit our factory

WELKIN UAV India Customer

Indian customers test new fixed wing vtol uavs

Our Indian customers bought some sets of fixed-wing vtol uavs.

We invited them to Chengdu to test the new uavs.

We took them to our airport to test the newly produced uavs, they were very satisfied with the uavs and then we planned to transport the fixed-wing vtol uavs to India.