Drones Help More For Traffic Police

//Drones Help More For Traffic Police

Drones Help More For  Traffic Police

In recent years, in order to ensure smooth roads and protect safe travel, the traffic police department has begun to actively seek the help of drones. It is reported that, drones helped the Fujian Putian traffic police to investigate and deal with more than 2,000 traffic violations in 2019.

Fixed-point video surveillance has always served as the “eye” of the transportation sector, providing a basis for traffic management. However, the fixed point can not monitor the emergency events in various places in real-time, and it is difficult to achieve high-altitude wide-angle and wide-angle traffic video collection. The appearance of drones can make up for these defects.

traffice police use drone

UAVs can play a major role in all aspects of traffic management, with mobility and deterrence that other traffic monitoring and sensing systems cannot match, as small as the license plate of each car, the driver’s driving behavior, and the entire road. The road conditions can be clearly presented and transmitted in real time. Among them, the more common is to capture traffic violations.

According to the data of the Shenzhen Traffic Police, an early drone can perform tasks for 90 minutes in a row, and more than 30 violations can be taken. On average, less than three minutes can be taken. In addition, drones can report traffic accidents or road problems faster than traditional cameras, allowing the Ministry of Communications to react more quickly, avoiding the accumulation of traffic problems, traffic diversion, inspection and control, and security traffic for large-scale events.

In order to meet the special needs of traffic management, the UAV in the transportation field not only has the advantages of long battery life, long control distance, wide shooting range and strong flight stability, but also works well in bad weather.

In addition, drones are able to patrol infrastructure such as roads and bridges and discover the safety hazards of these facilities.

Based on this, the popularity of drones in the transportation field is getting faster and faster, and the transportation departments of various provinces and cities seem to be equipped with drones “overnight”.

However, although the UAV currently solves the problem of front-end surveillance forensics and mid-range link transmission, the connection with the back-end public security command center is not close enough and has not been integrated into the entire public security information system, which will directly affect the emergency situation. Command decision efficiency.

In this regard, the management department should standardize the data transmission port and link of the police drone as soon as possible, and further expand the function of the drone control system platform based on big data. In addition, in the current close integration of artificial intelligence and vertical fields, artificial intelligence technology can be applied to intelligently identify and analyze data such as drone video, trajectory and flight control, and fully release its application efficiency in traffic management.

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