Diving Water Drone- Loon Copter

//Diving Water Drone- Loon Copter

Diving Water Drone- Loon Copter

The Loon Copter, one amphibian drone developed by the University of Auckland, can not only fly in the sky, but also dive into the water.

amphibian drone

The Loon Copter is a little longer than the quadcopter, but it can work in three different conditions. It can fly in the air like a normal drone, sail like a boat, even can sneak into the water like a submarine.

diving drone

After falling from the air to the surface of the water, the drone can be stabilized in the water by the support and the rotor on the fuselage, and can adjust the direction of advance.

diving water drone

But the focus of development is not to make it work like a ship. The most amazing thing is the Loon Copter’s underwater cruising ability, and the ballast system located below the fuselage is the key for its diving.

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