Bell Labs APT70 Fly Successfully

//Bell Labs APT70 Fly Successfully

Bell Labs APT70 Fly Successfully

Bell Labs completed the first test flight of its autonomous pod transport drone APT 70 on August 26th. The APT 70 has a payload of 70 pounds (31.5 kg) and is capable of flying at speeds 100 mph. It is expected to participate in NASA’s National Air Traffic Control System Demonstration Project by mid-2020.

On April 16, Bell Labs announced that it has developed two unmanned aerial vehicles (eVTOLs) capable of transporting payloads such as medical equipment, ammunition and water, namely APT 20 and APT 70. The APT 20 has a payload of 20 pounds (9 kg).

bell labs drone

Bell Labs aim to prove that APT 70 is suitable for tasks such as parcel transportation, medical support and disaster relief.

The APT 70 uses vertical take-off and landing technology to flexibly switch between multi-rotor flight mode and fixed-wing flight mode, and can perform horizontal flight almost on the basis of its two-wing design to provide more efficient flight than when the rotor system is flying performance.

In addition, Bell Labs continue to develop the Nexus eVTOL prototype for passenger services, the first flight plan in 2020, Bell hopes to achieve model certification in 2023.

bell labs nexus drone

The Nexus design features a central wing, integrated landing gear and V-tail with a short horizontal stabilizer at the top. It will carry four passengers with a range of up to 150 miles and a speed of 175 mph.

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