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Agriculture Solution

1. Drone Pesticide Spraying

Pesticide spraying is the most widely application of agricultural drones. Compared with traditional plant protection operations, plant protection drones have the characteristics of precise operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence, and simple operation, which saves farmers the cost of large machinery and large manpower.

At present, a large number of farmers in the United States and China have used drones to spray drugs, which reduces the cost of drug spraying.

WELKINUAV designed and produced four-rotor agriculture drone WELKIN-A2 and six-rotor agriculture drone WELKIN-A3 for pesticide spraying.

The WELKIN-A2 can carry a 10L pesticide tank at one time, and the WELKIN-A3 can carry a 23L pesticide tank at one time. Besides, we can customize 30L payload sprayer drones according to customers’requirements.

2. Farmland Information Monitoring

The monitoring of farmland information of drones mainly includes pest monitoring, irrigation monitoring and crop growth monitoring.

It is a space information technology based on remote sensing technology, which is used for aerial photography of large-scale farmland and land.

Full and comprehensive understanding of the growth environment, cycle and other indicators of crops, from irrigation to soil variability, to pests and diseases that can not be found by the naked eye, bacterial invasion, pointing out the problem areas, so that farmers can better manage the field.

UAV farmland information monitoring has the advantages of large scope, strong timeliness and objective accuracy, which is unmatched by conventional monitoring methods.

Fixed wing vtol uav WELKIN-F4 and gas-electric hybrid quadcopter WELKIN-P3 equipped with a spectrum analyzer that can detect pests and diseases in farmland and orchard. By patrolling crops, you can quickly determine the disease and type of the plant in the area.

UAV observation of crop diseases by spectrometer is carried out by different crops, different reflectances of the leaf spectrum, and different spectral line data obtained in the observation.

At the same time, there are differences in the spectral data of health and illness for the same leaf. The drone utilizes this feature to find diseased crops through instruments to selectively treat drugs.

At present, WELKINUAV is working with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences to establish a spectrum of crop pests and diseases, so that the drone system can identify more pest and disease diseases and better control crop diseases and insect pests.

3. Agricultural Insurance Investigation

In the process of growing crops, it is inevitable to suffer from natural disasters, which will damage farmers. For farmers with small-area crops, it is not difficult to investigate the affected areas.

However, when large areas of crops are naturally infested, the workload of crops is very large, and the most difficult to accurately define is the area of loss.

In order to more effectively measure the actual disaster area, agricultural insurance companies conduct agricultural insurance disaster loss surveys and apply drones to agricultural insurance claims.

The drone has the characteristics of maneuvering fast response, high-resolution image and high-precision positioning data acquisition capability, application expansion capability of various task devices, and convenient system maintenance, which can efficiently perform disaster-damaged tasks.

Flying electric quadcopter WELKIN-P1 or gas-electric hybrid quadcopter WELKIN-P3 to obtain data, post-processing and technical analysis of aerial photographs, and comparison with field measurement results, insurance companies can more accurately determine the actual disaster area.

Using drones to estimate the loss, which solved the problem of difficulty in surveying damage and lack of timeliness in agricultural insurance claims, greatly improved the speed of exploration work.

It saved a lot of manpower and material resources, and ensured the farmland compensation survey while improving efficiency accuracy.

Besides the above three solutions, WELKINUAV also offers solutions for sowing, pollination, fertilization and more.

With the rich experience of the WELKINUAV agriculture drone group, the WELKINUAV drone operation also showed great advantages in chemical fertilizer application, crop pollination and sowing.

Compared with traditional agricultural machinery, drone seeding and fertilization not only has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency, but frees farmers from heavy plant protection operations and is conducive to large-scale production.

Besides, the drone is compact and convenient for transition. And subject to terrain conditions.

Finally, the WELKINUAV drone pilot controls the drone through remote control and GPS positioning, and does not directly operate the machine, effectively avoiding casualties and make sure high safety. These make WELKINUAV agricultural drones popular among farmers and agricultural practitioners.